Creating a new brand illustration style for a cloud phone VoIP company.

Brand Design Intern
Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign
Dialpad Marketing Design Team


During the summer of 2019, I worked as a brand design intern at Dialpad, a business VoIP start-up in SF. I worked on projects ranging from illustration to formatting to UI, and got to strengthen my visual design skills while working in a company environment.

Creating a New Illustration Style

While I was interning at Dialpad, they were preparing to release a complete rebrand of their company. My main project, along with another intern, was developing an illustration style to go along with the new brand.

The goal was to create a simple, geometric illustration style that could be easily added on to as the new brand developed.

Because Dialpad’s main product was a cloud phone system, we focused on first designing what the people and phones would look like.


We started with trying out a wide variety of illustrations, using Dialpad’s new brand colors. Below are some of my explorations.

After reviewing the first iteration, it was decided that we wanted to go with styles that had few complex shapes, but still reflected the business aspect of Dialpad.

The team liked my simple geometric person that could easily be broken down into icons, but felt that it looked more childish than business-like. I worked on adding more shape and dimension to those characters in my second iteration.

Final Iteration

The final iteration featured simple characters that were simple and plain but could easily be spruced up with the addition of small details.

I worked on making the characters seem more life-like and interacting with their phones, and explored the different representations of the style.

I also created some additional illustrations of objects to go with the people.

After I left the internship, the other intern and the rest of the team continued to develop the style and create different versions to use on social media. It is now being used on all of Dialpad’s social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Additional Work

In addition to creating a new illustration style, I also...

Designed social media banners, cards, and assets using Sketch and Illustrator:

Formatted and created illustrations for internal and customer-facing data sheets using InDesign:

And completed some small, fun tasks where I got to play a little bit more:

Overall, I enjoyed my time as an intern and learned a lot about best visual design practices and creating production-ready visual content. Thank you Dialpad for the experience!